STRENGHTS (as an end user and/or as a dealer):

- Low cost (cheaper than iron or steel bending wire)


- Low density. Very light weight (less than 10gr per piece)


- Composite material with high mechanical resistance


- Composite material with high chemical resistance


- Composite material with high melting point


- It does not require specialized labour for its fitting (Very easy learning provided by the Spider-K team)

  It does not require overexertion, nor excessive force for its fitting.


- One-touch fitting method reduces fitting time (elimination of cost and time of welding / elimination of cost and  

  time of fitting of steel rebar with iron or steel bending wire)


- Once installed, the piece will not release and will be strong enough to withstand load (provides extraordinary 

  resistance to earthquakes)


- The fitting clip of the steel bar is designed in a primary color according to the specific thickness of the different steel bars, which allows to easily identify which type of bar is treated at a certain distance.


- Prevention of Occupational Risks: Worker no longer needs to turn or flex his wrists in an extreme way, nor

  force a posture of flexion and lateral inclination in trunk, back and arms for the suitable fitting of the bending



- (Optional) An RFID chip in every clip for ideal identification within the structure (after pouring the concrete) so that its installation can be easily checked even when the concrete has dried. RFID chip will be capable to transmit vital information about the state of the structure, for example in the event of a landslide or earthquake.


- Exclusive marketing of new patents.


- Support of a consolidated Group in the Market (IBGroup, for any task in case of needing financing (LC or any other kind of financial instrument)

WEAKNESSES: They have not been detected.

OPPORTUNITIES (as end user and/or as a dealer):

- Eco-friendly. Spider-K is composed by Polypropylene (PP), a 100% recyclable material (Source: National Geographic Spain, May 22, 2018)

- Unique and exclusive product: Global patents / Global innovation: Type A and Type B (we are working to incorporate new patents for the

construction sector, as well as all the patents we develop in our own factory and implemented in our Smart City projects, another company belonging to the IBGroup holding, with which the Spider-K Exclusive Representative, can establish synergies in advantageous terms)

- High number of potential customers: Our construction system rejects the common fitting system anywhere in the world (either by welding, or by bending wire fitting) This makes possible a quick return on investment.

- Chance of expanding Authorized Agents Network: Chance of selecting (under prior authorization of the manufacturer and owner) Exclusive Dealer by geographical area (States, Provinces, Communities, etc.) that will help you meet monthly targets.

- International Recognition: Details on the website as Spider-K Exclusive Representative

- It does not require commercial premises in the first line or main street.

- There is no Exploitation Royalty.

- There is no Advertising Canon. 

- Since the product is unique, exclusive and we are protected by the International Patent, we don´t demand Exclusivity. You can incorporate it into your product portfolio if you currently work or operate in the Construction Sector.

- Cross Selling: Spider-K is becoming a benchmark in the Construction Sector. If you are a Dealer of construction material, you can take advantage of this circumstance to market other products to customers who request Spider-K.

- Growth approx. of 7% per year of the construction sector on a global scale.

THREATS: They have not been detected.


Quality guarantee. “Made in Korea” product