Spider-K Type A 

(Fitting Spider-K, developing the structure of a building. South Korea. 2018)

Spider-K Type B

Other products:
In Spider-K we have new constructive solutions that we will shortly add to our portfolio.

Spider-K is a method of one-touch fitting which with its exclusive design, reduces the fitting time (for joining rebar in perpendicular and / or in parallel)

Once installed, the fixation will be maintained and will not be loosened; it will be strong enough to withstand the load.

Fitting clip for rebar is designed in primary colors, depending on its diameter according to the measures of the bar, which allows to easily identify the type of bar at a distance. These denominators (color depending on diameter and different design depending on the different diameter of the bars in which they will be applied) will be common for both Type A and Type B.

Spider-K Type A and Type B is sold in sets of 50 units.


We design the Spider-K Type A and Type B units, according to the measurements and specifications that the client needs.